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About USR

USRadiology is a leading preferred provider network focused on delivering superior medical imaging services.


USRadiology provides Medical Imaging, Pre-Certification, Second Opinions and Auto Managed Care solutions.


Our comprehensive network is comprised of the nation’s best radiologists and medical imaging facilities.


USRadiology guarantees the quality of our services to provide you the most accommodating, most attentive service possible.

To be the undisputed nationwide leader in providing innovative and effective medical imaging services to the healthcare industry and at a profit level that sustains the dynamic growth of the company.
Our vision is for USRadiology to be the nationwide medical imaging network of choice.
USRadiology is committed to working with your Company to provide the most comprehensive cost containment system possible for medical imaging.  In addition, USRadiology will provide your Company with a guarantee of service that is unparalleled in the industry.
USRadiology’s objective is to be ranked as the best medical imaging network in the United States. Our philosophy is to contract with medical imaging providers willing to comply with utilization review and quality assurance standards and meet other terms and conditions designed to provide, ultra-fast turnaround time and convenient patient access to high quality, cost effective care.
Our Network Development Team ensures that every medical imaging provider participating in our network meets our stringent credentialing criteria. USRadiology’s medical imaging providers are selected using a range of criteria which includes: quality and reputation of facility, services provided, geographic distribution, adherance to utilization parameters, references/excellent reputation in community and adequate insurance coverage.
The development of our national Medical Imaging PPO is driven by the needs of our clients. Our Network Development Team continually negotiates with medical imaging providers on behalf of our clients. Network expansion may occur via two primary methods, Provider Nomination requests or general contracting.

Medical Imaging